Ferns, Weeds and a Flower

I have been doing some experimentation with different lighting techniques since getting my Flash Waves radio triggers. Here are a few macro samples of flora from around my yard.

Getting the flash (or flashes) off the camera certainly lets you control your lighting much better.

You don't need to go far to find inspiration!


Dual FL-36 flashes. Shoot through umbrella to the right about 4 feet from the subject, with flash on full power.

Another FL-36 strobe with home made snoot and grid in close slightly to the left set to 1/32 power to make the purple leaf stand out from the background. Without this it was rather dull.


The Pink Shamrock is a common weed in New Zealand, but it makes for an interesting macro.

Single FL-36 Flash with shoot through umbrella to the right - about 4 feet away on 1/2 power.

Small Pink Flower

Macro shot of a little pink flower. This flower is less than 2cm across. I'm not sure what it is, it only flowers for a couple of weeks each year and signals the start of Spring. - Dual FL-36 Flashes using the inbuilt diffusers.

Main light set to 1/32 power about 4 inches away from the subject slightly above and to the right of the subject.

Secondary, fill light to the left and below the flower 1/32 power but further away from the subject 12-18 inches.

The backdrop was my son's T-Shirt about 12 inches away. This ensured that the background wasn't black due to light falloff.

The image was finished in Lightroom 2 to apply a Vignetting effect to emphasize the open flower.