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Adobe Lightroom FTP Export

I needed to upload a number of photo's from Lightroom to an FTP server. What I didn't want to do was export to file and then upload using a standalone FTP client. Why make more work than is required?

It seems strange that there is no FTP export plugin as a standard part of Lightroom 2. There is FTP capability from the Web module but this is not what I was after.

Silky Waterfalls


Ever wondered how to get that silky smooth looking waterfall with nice vibrant colours? Well, it's not as difficult as you might think.

The main thing that you need to do is get the shutter speed down low. This particular image was shot at 1/5 sec. If you are shooting with low shutter speeds you will also need to have a good tripod or some other means of supporting your camera. You can use a cable release, or for this type of photography the shutter delay timer on your camera will work just as well.

Getting the shutter speed down low can be difficult during the day, but is easily achieved with the aid of a filter. You have a couple of choices, an ND (Neutral Density) filter - this basically reduces the amount of light hitting the sensor (or film) of your camera.

The (Green) Pod

The Green Pod

Every now and then you come across a simple idea that makes great sense. The Pod takes the humble bean bag and does just that.

By adding a tripod mount and strap to secure the camera (larger pods only) you have a versatile pod to mount and secure your camera for those occasions when you don't have a tripod.

With different sizes for different types of cameras there is sure to be one to fit. The Green pod seems to be the right one for the DSLR user (I will be adding it to the shopping list).

Pseudo HDR in Lightroom

Surreal - Old House

You don't have to use Photoshop, Photomatix or any other specialist application to get that HDR (High Dynamic Range), surreal look. It's really not that difficult to achieve good result using Lightroom.

Now not all images are suitable for this type of post processing. But given the right subject and careful execution the results can be surprisingly good.

Lightroom 2.3 Running Slow

Dusty Heatsink

I recently had some issues with Lightroom 2.3 running extremely slow. When rendering full size images I could almost go and get a cup of tea (and drink it) while I waited.

While I don't have the latest and greatest PC my 3.2Gig P4 with 2Gig of RAM still performs well (most of the time). All my other imaging applications were running fine, including GIMP and Autopano Pro.

I started searching through forums looking for an answer. But nothing I tried worked. What could be the problem?